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Polypeptide Enzyme Mechanisms

Peptidase mechanism:

I. Absorption mechanism

1. Without transformation, it can be absorbed directly into the circulatory system of plants and exert its biological functions.
2. Fast absorption. Like a rocket, many people call it a biological missile, which quickly passes through cell membranes and directly enters plant cells, participates in the synthesis of plant proteins, and plays its physiological and biological functions.

3. It is 100% absorbed. And it's all used.
4. It has the characteristics of active absorption. Peptidase has the characteristics of active absorption and forced absorption for the absorption system defect, obstacle and damage caused by stress, drought and fertilizer injury, which can not grow normally. This is of great significance for those with poor growth, lack of nutrients, weak seedlings and diseases.

5. It has the characteristics of preferential absorption. In absorption and competition with polypeptide enzymes, polypeptide enzymes have the characteristics of preferential absorption. This is inseparable from its active absorption characteristics.

6. The absorption of polypeptide enzymes has the characteristics of no energy consumption and no increase in the functional burden of crops. Peptide enzymes have very strong activity and energy. Their active absorption and forced absorption means that their own activity and energy play a role. Therefore, when it is absorbed, it is not that plants consume their own energy to absorb it, but that polypeptide enzymes absorb it by their own energy. From this point of view, this remarkable characteristic is of great value and significance to crops which have a great influence on their weak growth and living environment.

7. Peptide enzymes act as carriers, adsorbing, pasting and loading fertilizers and nutrients commonly used, especially beneficial trace elements such as calcium, on the body.

8. Peptidase can act as a vehicle in life. The nutrients needed by ordinary plants can be absorbed on the body, then transported to various cells, organs and tissues, and absorbed and utilized together with the body, giving play to their different functions. This is the reason why people in the world use polypeptide enzymes as pesticides and fertilizer formulations. Its purpose is to enhance the efficacy of pesticides and enhance the absorption and utilization of fertilizers.

9. Peptidase can act as a messenger when absorbed. As a nutrient transmitter, it transmits information, directs crops, plays a role of polypeptide enzymes, maintains the overall effect of the crop itself, and makes the crop body stronger and stronger. In conclusion, the absorption mechanism of polypeptidase is quite different from that of other substances. The absorption mechanism of polypeptide enzymes is very special and unique, which can be said to be unique. The absorption mechanism of polypeptide enzymes is superior to that of all substances. Therefore, the discovery of its absorption mechanism is of great significance to the physiological health of crops. We should use the absorption mechanism of polypeptide enzymes to improve the growth and reproductive health of crops to a new level, which is also the significance of the discovery of the absorption mechanism of polypeptide enzymes.

Two, influence
Peptidase mainly controls the growth, development, immune regulation and metabolism of living organisms. It makes the crop body in a balanced state, plays a very positive role in the strengthening of its own functions, and plays a normal role in the growth, slow development and even physiological stop of plants. It also plays a balanced role in vegetative growth and reproductive growth disorders.


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